Haus Call Is The New Service App For Men Of Color That Will Bring The Barber To You


Imagine having the luxury of making an appointment with your barber and having him come to you? Well, there is now an App for that.

Three Howard University grads came up with a solution for men to make ‘Haus Calls” pun intended. Morgan Winbush, Killian Lewis, and Crystal Allen Washington came up with the idea for the app after witnessing guys they know spend all of their Saturday at the barber shop.

As a matter of fact, most guys now spend Friday night in the shop to avoid the Saturday rush! Crystal J Allen Washington is the apps chief technology officer and using the knowledge she gained from a coding boot camp she coded the app for 4 long years to help bring the app to life!

“That was one of the challenges that we were facing throughout our first three years: not having a technical founder…It was important for at least one of us to have that experience and that skill,” she says.

Via Vibe:
It’s homecoming at Howard. Every guy we know is trying to feel and look like Diddy,” Chief Marketing Officer Morgan K. Winbush tells VIBE on a conference call.

“If you’re running or coming into town really late, and you had to go to #1000Bottles or whatever party is happening on Friday night, but you didn’t have enough time [to spare], you could use HausCall and a barber would come wherever you are to cut your hair and make sure you looked great.”

Aside from the traveling man, HausCall aims to meet the needs of working clients and men with families who can’t always afford to sit through gruesome wait times. Through the service, users can book-on-demand and future appointments while choosing from a pool of recommended barbers filtered through a peer-evaluation system. They also have options to track their personal choice, expected to arrive within 30 minutes of a request, with the app’s GPS feature and take care of payments and tips straight from their cellular devices when the service is complete.

“In the future, we have a lot of plans to work with brands like Bevel and to also work with men who were incarcerated and have trouble finding jobs to get them back on their feet.”

Haus Call will do a soft launch in June 2017 in D.C. and plans to expand to Atlanta, New York and Charlotte. Watch This is Haus below:

Find out more about Haus Call here.


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