About Us

MrCottontop presents a unique, bold, and innovative way to reach our audience at scale. We connect and share the latest in men’s lifestyle, technology, grooming, culture, automotive, and more.

We believe in a WIN-WIN-WIN approach. We get the opportunity to showcase your brand, product, or service. You get a real, natural, and shareable recommendation. The target group gets valuable information about the product they love and were looking for.

We are the other half to our loves at EmilyCottontop. MrCottontop is one of four digital properties under the Maxlo Media Group.


Our mission is to provide high-quality digital content that will influence, engage and inspire.

Work With Us

Strategic partnerships, advertising, and sponsored content ✉️ inquiries@emilycottontop.com

The Team

Petra E. Lomax, Editor in chief
Joel Lomax – Business Developer
Patrice Lechelle – Brand Artist and Writer
Ashley Northover – Social Media Specialist

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