Colin Kaepernick: Unpatriotic Villian or Philanthropic Hero?


With all things considered Colin Kaepernick had a very good run with the San Francisco 49ers. Last season his performance was not that of the vintage Kaepernick when he advanced the team to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans against the Baltimore Ravens but Kap still has more than enough in the tank to do it again.

When we jump to the 2017 season and several days after the start of the NFL’s free agency and Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned.

Now there are two schools of thought on this, one Kaepernick is simply a bad or underperforming quarterback and as we know, bad quarterbacks do not get a whole lot of love by the powers that be in the NFL or by the fans for that matter.

Or secondly, Kaepernick is being blackballed as a result of the national (negative) attention that he received when he began to protest the United States National Anthem during the 2016 football season.

To complicate things further last night President Donald Trump gloated about Kaps unemployment during a rally in Louisville Kentucky; seemingly taking credit for it.

He made note that many of the NFL owners do not want to pick up Kaepernick because they do not want the President to send out a “nasty Tweet” about it. Therefore they are avoiding any political backlash by not signing him.

In our opinion, if the President had time to send out a nasty tweet directed at a team or an individual football player then his stock just went up, #Nordstroms; but we digress!

At the end of the day, Kaepernick not getting signed is not surprising because we are inclined to believe that his ‘controversial antics” are the main cause and that he himself probably prepared for any negativity it would have brought to his career.

Sometimes we like to say “There is no money in defending black folk”,  and that it’s simply not beneficial to do so, in fact for some, it can be career ending.

Meanwhile, free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick makes good use of his time off the field by helping others. Last year he pledged to donate $1 million to different organizations of his choice and not only that but the proceeds of his jersey sales from the 2016 season.

Most recently in 2017, he has been instrumental in helping to get an airplane “Turkish Airlines” to aid Somalia with food and water. That was a big win for him and his partners and a huge win for the people of Somalia.

Sometimes life can take you to places where you never planned to go and if being philanthropic and helping others in need is what he wants to do I say God Bless and bring on the nasty tweets!


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