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The 6 Best Ways To Whiten Your Teeth And The Best Products To Use

Fredrick Ochami



If you are looking for the best ways to whiten your teeth then you have come to the right place. For most guys, dental care is high on the priority list but in addition to that, we want to ensure that our teeth stay white and avoid discoloration as much as possible.

Yellow teeth can lead to a lack of confidence, especially in social and professional settings. Well, it’s not the end of the world.

On the contrary, there are various things you can do to get those sparkly-white teeth. Here are the 6 best ways to whiten your teeth:

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Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

First of all, it’s essential that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, spending two or more minutes each time. If you do it right, you might avoid yellowing and even whiten your teeth.

However, even if you’re impeccable at brushing, your toothpaste might not be cutting it. So, you can try a homemade mixture like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

This can eliminate stains and also remove bacteria and plaque. Just mix a half-teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of baking soda until you get a paste, then brush your teeth and, when you’re done, rinse thoroughly.

Alternatively, you can use activated charcoal. But you should brush gently with it and try to avoid your gums since it’s abrasive.

Change Your Lifestyle

Many of us love a steaming cup of joe. However, this is one of the main contributors to yellow teeth. The more you drink coffee, the more likely it will yellow your teeth.

And it’s not just coffee. Even liquor can keep you from getting those pearly-white teeth. And let’s not talk about smoking and chewing tobacco, which are probably the biggest culprits. Even taking one of these habits off the table can make a difference, and you’ll be one step closer to getting those superstar teeth.

Try Oil Pulling

Coconut oil pulling can remove bacteria and plaque from your mouth, which will go a long way in helping to whiten your teeth. If you choose to do this, make sure the oil you get is high-quality and organic, without any harmful ingredients.

Once you have your hands on the oil, just swish 1 to 2 teaspoons in your mouth for 10 minutes to half an hour. Keep the oil from reaching the back of your throat and try not to swallow it, since it carries bacteria and toxins from your mouth.

When you’re done, spit into a wastepaper basket—the oil can clog your drain—then rinse your mouth, drink a glass of water and brush your teeth.

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

You never saw this coming, did you? While fruits and vegetables are vital in keeping us healthy, they can also help to whiten our teeth. When you chew on a crunchy fruit or veggie, this will help to rub away plaque.

Pineapples and strawberries are also fruits that experts have claimed can whiten your teeth. For instance, various celebrities have popularized mixing baking soda with strawberries.

Apparently, baking soda buffs away your tooth stains while strawberries contain an acid that removes discoloration. We recommend using this method not more than a few times a week since it’s not the most effective.

Rub With Fruit Peels

Some folk claim that rubbing banana, orange, or lemon peels on your teeth will whiten them. The reasoning is that these fruits contain citric acid and compound d-limonene, which will help in whitening your teeth.

If you choose to go with this method, just gently rub the peels on your teeth for around 2 minutes.

Then rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. While toothpaste contains d-limonene that has shown to be effective in removing stains caused by caffeine and smoking, using the actual peels might not be that effective.

So, we recommend exercising caution. And if your teeth become sensitive, you should stop using this method.

Get a Tooth Whitening Kit

This is a more commercial avenue. You’ve probably seen a reality-TV star or an influencer marketing a tooth whitening kit at some point.

A typical whitening kit has carbamide peroxide, which is a bleach that can whiten your natural tooth color and remove both surface stains and deep ones. If your teeth are coffee-stained, a tooth-bleaching kit might be the best choice.

With some whitening kits, you’ll get a peroxide-based gel that you can apply to your teeth. With other kits, the gel might be inside a tray that molds to your teeth.

Best Products Whiten Your Teeth Right Now

Optic White Express White Whitening Toothpaste
How to whiten your teeth easily

Colgate claims that users can get visible effects within five or more days of twice-daily use. It contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient proven to deeply whiten beyond surface stains.

3D Whitestrips Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips Kit
6 ways to whiten your teeth
The brand claims that you’ll need up to three weeks of daily use for full effects. Delivers professional-level teeth whitening results.

Sonic Blue Smart Brush Whitening Kit

best ways to whiten your teeth
According to the product website, this is a complete dental care system that includes, a Sonic Pro toothbrush, toothpaste, and whitening gel. The toothbrush uses sonic vibration, with regular and gentle modes available, to help keep your smile bright and your breath fresh.

On the Go Teeth Whitening Pen
whiten your teeth now
According to the product website, Go Smile’s ON THE GO Teeth Whitening Pen contains a unique ingredient to help the formula adhere to teeth and whiten more effectively than other pens.

It has a pleasant mint taste and minimizes issues of sensitivity. It’s convenient, portable, efficient, effective.

The best whitening science in a convenient multi-use brush pen.

Bright On Teeth Whitening Kit
how to whiten your teethAccording to the product description, this kit contains everything you’ll need to achieve full enbrightenment. There are two full whitening treatments (a year’s supply) plus our LED whitening accelerator light.

The blue LED wavelength accelerates our Bright Boost™ formula, so you could see your brightest bright even faster. Now go forth and shine.

Tell the truth, when was the last time you saw a dentist? Comment below!

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Everything You Should Know About Shaving With A Safety Razor

Fredrick Ochami



Safety Razor

Shaving with a safety razor still remains a staple for most men even though the art of shaving has come a long way especially in modern times.

As a matter of fact, despite the advent of electric razors, old-school safety razors are still in demand.

Some men, in fact, prefer them to modern alternatives. Safety razors mainly remained the same in the century since their inception. However, there’s really no need to. They are easy to use, dependable, and familiar.

If you’re considering using a safety razor, we have listed all the major things you should know about them. This way, you can tell if they are for you or not.

Use It The Right Way

When you’re new to safety razors, start by going slow. Maintain a 30 to 45-degree angle between your skin and the blade; don’t hold it perpendicular to your skin.

Try not to go against the grain of your hair. If your hair coils too much, it might be better to avoid using a safety razor entirely—knowing which direction to shave will be tough to discern.

You should also avoid pressing the razor too firmly against your skin. It has a sharp blade, and you might nick yourself or even get an annoying razor burn.

Shaving With A Safety Razor is Affordable

A safety razor is dirt cheap, especially if you compare it to a cartridge razor. On average, the average annual cost of owning the latter is $240.

Meanwhile, the average annual cost of a double edge safety razor is barely $30. That’s over $200 in savings, which translates to around 8 pack refills if you have a cartridge razor.

The savings are insane. Provided you know how to use a safety razor, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank; $200 might not seem like a lot, but it adds up.

Technically, You Can Shave Your Head With It

But we don’t recommend it. Shaving your chin, for instance, is tricky and needs your full concentration. It has sharp angles and different contours like dimples.

These make it easy to cut yourself if you’re not careful. So, this makes a safety razor a tad more challenging to use than a cartridge razor.

Now, imagine that difficulty but for the rest of your head. Technically, shaving your head with a safety razor is possible. But it will be laborious, slow-going, and just not worth the effort.

Handles Acne Easier

Acne is mainly caused by the buildup of dirt and oil in your skin’s pores. Living with it is not easy for most guys, so it’s always nice to find a way to reduce its occurrence.

If you currently use a cartridge razor, you’re not doing yourself any favors. It has up to 5 blades that are moving on your skin. They will start to fill your freshly-shaved face with your body’s natural oils. In turn, this will increase your rate of acne flareups.

However, if you use a safety razor, you’ll rarely go over your face more than 3 times. Through this, you’re minimizing the number of times that your pores are being messed with. Safety razors also carry fewer bacteria than cartridge razors, since their blades don’t have any clogging.

Get A Custom Shaving Cream

You can use generic canned shaving cream, but it might not be the best option for you. Instead, we recommend getting your hands on a custom shaving cream.

It will allow you to get the closest and best shave. This way, you’ll be able to find the one that best suits your skin. Just try getting a new type of shaving cream whenever your current one ends. You will eventually find one that perfectly fits your taste.

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What To Know When Shopping For Leather Boots

Fredrick Ochami



leather boots

When the average guy searches for a pair of leather boots, he often wants boots that will age beautifully and can survive downpours. However, most of these boots tend to cost hundreds of dollars. And it’s not just the price; there are plenty of things to look out for before you can make a purchasing decision.

For this reason, we have compiled a guide on the things you should look out for when shopping for leather boots. Just follow our steps, and you will be able to get the best leather boots for you. Let’s begin!

Leathers Are Different

There are actually plenty of differences between leathers. For instance, a boot that simply says “leather” is probably substandard. Instead, be on the lookout for something called “Full Grain Leather”. This is the type of leather you want; it ages extremely well, it is handsome, it offers ruggedness, and its quality is superior.

Contrarily, stay away from any boots labeled as “Bonded Leather”. Even though it sounds fancy, it’s anything but. These boots are made from a blend of shavings, dust, and leather bits. “Genuine” is decent if you’re looking for leather suede. However, these boots are not the best, especially on high-stress areas such as toes. Meanwhile, leather branded as “Top Grain” is superior to these other labels, and only “Full Grain Leather” outperforms it.

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Can You Resole Them?

Sometimes, you want a pair of boots that will last for decades, and that even your grandkids will be able to wear. If that’s your goal, you shouldn’t look at anything other than resoleable boots. These boots are typically more expensive than the average pair. However, it’s for a good reason: they are typically the highest-quality boots you can buy.

When you’re searching for these boots, ensure they are made with either the “Goodyear Welt” or the “Blate Welt”. The Goodyear Welt, in particular, is the oldest, most durable, and most labor-intensive way to make a shoe. A strip of rubber or leather is used. It runs along the whole length of the boot’s sole, then it’s lock-stitched to the upper, insole, and sole.

This makes the boots easier to resole, whether it’s by hand or using a machine. The extra layering also offers some water resistance, not to mention additional foot support.

Check The Grip

A significant number of boots that are marketed as being made for the outdoors actually aren’t. They have slick soles that have hardly any grip. If you’re looking for boots to wear indoors and on social events, these soles might be up your alley: they are dressy, flexible, and soft.

men's leather boots

If you want something that you can go hiking in, though, you should get a studded rubber outsole. These soles have a decent grip, and they can easily handle wet surfaces. They also look versatile and sleek from the side. If looking formal isn’t an issue for you, feel free to get a Commando sole. These ones are chunky but tough and durable.

Check The Shank

Not many people take not of the shank, but this is one of the most important features in a good pair of leather boots. A shank is basically a strip of hard material that is placed between the layers in the middle of the foot and the sole. It helps to provide arch support, it gives the boot some stability and protects the foot from any puncture damage.

The shank also helps to increase a boot’s lifespan. A good, durable shank will slow the boot’s disintegration and might even prevent it completely. Shanks are usually made from steel. However, if you plan to travel a lot with them, you might want to consider shanks that are made from the more airport-friendly wood, leather or even fiberglass.

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7 Best Body Washes For Men 2020




best body washes for black men

Let’s be real when it comes to body washes for men and other shower essentials, we sometimes get the short end of the stick.

For the most part, the products that are the easiest to find are the throwback Old Spice or the Axe shower gels that can be a little too pungent and youthful for the average grown man.

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And even then, they’re typically the 3-in-1 products that are supposed to be used for body, hair, and face aka nonsense. 

If you do a little research, you’ll find that there are actually some pretty good shower gels and body washes out there that smell good, benefit your skin, and give you multiple options that don’t all come in one damn bottle.

Here are 7 of the best body washes for men in 2020.

Dior- Sauvage Shower Gel

one of the best body washes for men

Based on the Dior Sauvage fragrance, Dior Sauvage Shower Gel is a body wash with a luxurious lather and fresh, woody scent.

Characterized by notes of bergamot, cedar, amber wood, pink pepper, patchouli, and lavender, Sauvage offers a subtly warm and spicy yet potent aroma that sticks to your skin throughout the hustle and bustle of the day.

Art of Sport Hydrating Shower Gel: Compete

body wash for men

Blended with activated charcoal, aloe vera, and tea tree oil, Art of Sport Hydrating Gel: Compete is an intensely refreshing and invigorating cleanser.

The citrus finish makes it a perfect post-gym shower gel that not only washes away the sweat and grime but energizes you enough to make your next move your best move.

Method Men Sea and Surf Body Wash

method men is best body wash for men

A good body wash might smell good, but a great body wash will also work wonders for the health of your skin.

Method Men’s Sea and Surf Body Wash has a crisp, fresh scent reminiscent of a sunny beach-day adventure and is free of sulfates and parabens, and is formulated with plant-based cleansers that lather richly but rinse clean and clear.

Nécessaire: The Body Wash

body washes for men necessaire

The thing that sets Nécessaire: The Body Wash apart from other body washes is that it’s packed with multivitamins that help cleanse and nourish the skin.

The texture in itself is also unique.

It starts out as a thick, concentrated oil and works itself into a foamy, rich lather.

The best part is that the body wash comes in three different variations: one with sandalwood essential oil, one with eucalyptus essential oil, and one is fragrance-free.

YSL L’Homme Shower Gel

best body washes for men

Perfumed with YSL L’Homme fragrance for Him, this shower gel is a fresh and smooth derivative of the classic scent.

Aside from being a great high end go-to, this shower gel is blended with various macro and trace elements like zinc and magnesium that help form a protective layer on your skin that helps you combat aging, air pollutants, and other environmental aggressions.

Byredo Gypsy Water Body Wash

Inspired by Romani culture and clear forest nights, Gypsy Water by Byredo is a no-fuss body wash infused with sandalwood, pine, lemon, juniper, amber, and bergamot to give it a fresh, invigorating scent.

Unlike other upscale washes, the consistency of this wash isn’t concentrated or decadent. In fact, it’s a silky and down-to-earth shower gel that sticks to the skin easily and washes off with minimal effort, as well.

Malin+Goetz Rum Body Wash

body washes for men

Sometimes applying lotion after a super hot shower isn’t enough to combat ashy, dry skin so to play it safe, try a hydrating and moisturizing body wash like Malin+Goetz’s Rum Body Wash. 

It’s a rum-scented foaming gel formulated with amino acids, glycerin, and various fruit extracts to hydrate and purify the body. They also have a matching bar soap and body lotion that really seal the deal and get the job done.

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