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5 Books To Help You Change Your Money Mentality And Level Up Financially



Books to level up your finance life

Many of us have figured out ways to level up our lives this year for more reasons than one and if you are trying to level up financially we have a few books you should have in your office library.

Here are 5 books to help you change your money mentality and level up financially.

Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence

by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez

Authors Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez wrote this book by taking their combined 50 years of experience in financial analysis and management and developing various tactics and strategies to help you understand and transform your relationship with money.

Does your job reflect your values? Are you at peace with money? Do you come how from your job full of life? These are just some of the questions Robin and Dominguez ask in order to help you develop real insight into how you spend and perceive your money, as well as your time.

The goal of Your Money or Your Life is to get readers to understand that financial freedom is not only about the basics of finances such as earning, spending, debts, and savings, but that time management, integrity, independence, and fulfillment are equally important to the process.

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You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

by Jen Sincero

What if I told you that your financial limitations were a direct result of poor habits, unconquered fears, and your own subconscious abundance-limiting beliefs? This is the exact perspective shift author Jen Sincero seeks to inspire in you with her bestselling book, You’re A Badass At Making Money.

Sincero details how she went from being a young woman living in a converted garage space to living out her dream of traveling the world in just a few years, all while giving you the tools to pinpoint what’s holding you back financially, get over your doubts, and tap into your ability to grow seriously rich. The goal of this book is to drive home the fact that your mentality shapes your reality, and this tends to be especially true when it comes to money.

Broke Millennial Takes On Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to Leveling Up Your Money 

by Erin Lowry

Millennials are the generation of adults born between 1981 and 1996, and in comparison to previous generations when they were in their 20s and 30s, we are by far the most broke. This, of course, is by no fault of our own.

We’ve experienced a catastrophic recession, as well as skyrocketing costs for food, education, housing, and healthcare all before we’ve reached the age of 40. Needless to say, we’re kinda screwed on a universal level.

However, this doesn’t mean we cannot overcome these obstacles as individuals and Author Erin Lowry has the tools to get you started. She wrote Broke Millenial Takes On Investing: A Beginner’s Guide To Leveling Up Your Money as a step by step guide on how to go from being broke to, well, not being broke anymore. It covers everything from student loan debt and handling money in social situations, to how to properly manage money with your significant other.

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

by Dave Ramsey

When we think about money, we tend to put heavy emphasis on how we can get our hands on more of it. Truth be told, we all know that making money is a major key in financial health and freedom.

However, knowing the basics of properly managing the money you already have will make sure you know what to do with an additional income once it does fall into your lap. This means you must have a clear idea of what it takes to pay off debt, secure an emergency fund, save for retirement, and get the ball rolling on a financial increase.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey is a great book to get you started on this journey. Ramsey teaches you how to develop a failproof financial plan and even dispels ten of the most common money myths.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman is not your typical finance-focused book. In this book, Kahneman explains what drives the way we think by breaking down the two systems of the mind: the fast, emotional system, and the slow, logical system.

Because there is such an intense focus on decision making and judgment, Thinking Fast and Slow is a great introductory book for those of you interested in pursuing a career that closely aligns psychology and economics, such as investing, marketing and advertising, and analysis, but has already mastered personal finances.

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Peace of Mind During the Holidays



Adulting the holiday season is never easy for the average guy, and it is important that you pay special attention to your peace of mind despite the hustle and bustle of the season.

Typically it is the best time of year but we know for many it also brings with it a lot of pressure and unrealistic expectations that many of us are not equipped to deal with emotionally.

If you are a spiritual man then this post is for you! On hard days ask God to grant you strength and clarity of mind and to help you feel at ease in your life.

Pray for peace of mind

Yes, it is true, that we cannot control people, plots or plans and in some cases our very own circumstances. Therefore, declare your trust in God and ask Him to step in and take the reigns over the trivial and heavy matters that might come your way. If you are feeling stressed out, pray for peace of mind daily until you actually feel at peace.

Stop worrying about trivial things

Sometimes things in life are running smoothly and then there are times that you cannot seem to find a balance and you begin to stumble and constantly worry about things some of which you might not have control over.

The crazy thing is, most things that we worry and dread over never happen anyway and we make up scenarios in our head that cause more stress than value.

Talk to someone

If you are like me then typically you try to shoulder your problem all on your own. You might feel weak or vulnerable even when that really isn’t the case at all. Some burdens we do have to shoulder alone but there are also some burdens that others can help us navigate especially during the holidays.

Focus on what’s important

Focus on what matters to you, if it doesn’t feed your heart and soul you might have to hold off on certain things until you are able to re-evaluate or redefine what is most important to you.

Once you figure that out, place your energy into the things that matter the most.

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Author Hill Harper Says Being A Father Has Been “The Biggest Blessing Of His Life”



Actor and bestselling author Hill Harper opens up about his decision to adopt a son just over a year ago at the age of 50. He said that his decision to have little Pierce has been the biggest blessing of his life.

In a special with good morning America, he talked about his life as a single dad and how he was inspired to adopt by a friend of his.

Via ABC news:

“I always thought I was going to get married, have my own kids and I was going to adopt,” Harper, 51, said. “I had talked about adopting and I had talked about wanting to be this dad, and she said, ‘You’re going to be a great dad but I think you’re waiting too long. You may get to a point where you’ll decide you’re not going to do it. Even though you’re not married, why can’t you just be a dad now?’”

After that conversation he decided to talk to an adoption person and learn the process:

“I talked to the guy and I said, ‘You know, listen. I really appreciate you giving me the information, I’m just not ready. I’m not there,’” the “Limitless” actor recalled of their initial conversation. “And then fast-forward to right before Thanksgiving of that year, I get a call from him. I was shooting a show called ‘Limitless’ at the time. I was in my dressing room and I didn’t know why he was calling me. He says, ‘There’s a wonderful young woman who is having a son in three weeks. Would you be interested in adopting him?’”

Despite being initially caught off guard, he agreed and said he’s honored to be Pierce’s father.

He was even in the delivery room when his son was born.

“I actually went from the set of ‘All Eyez on Me,” flew to where she was giving birth and I was there in the delivery room and I cut the cord,” he said. “I’m so proud that Pierce — his name is Pierce Hill Harper– that Pierce chose me to be his dad.

“It’s the biggest blessing of my life,” Harper added. “The biggest role, and certainly the biggest blessing.”

Harper, who rose to fame for his role as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes on the CBS drama “CSI: NY,” hopes his story will inspire and encourage anyone considering becoming an adoptive parent to follow through.

“Every day you’re making a different set of decisions that you feel impact the future of this wonderful person,” he said. “That’s a challenge. It’s a beautiful challenge but it’s a challenge.”

The most rewarding aspect of adoption?

“I never felt I could love this deeply. I love him and he’s my son,” said Harper.

Much blessings to Hill Harper and his beautiful son!

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11yr Old Boy Starts Book Club Called Books And Bro’s Focusing On African American Literature



It is very rare that we hear about a boys book club going viral but one pre-teen decided to change that. 11 yr old Sidney Keys III has been in the news lately for a very good reason. After visiting a bookstore he decided 6 months ago to start a book club for boys his age who love to read.

His club is called Books N Bros a fun name for a club that celebrates African-American literature and culture.

“Books N Bros is a book club for boys and we read books and African American literature because every time I go to the library at my school, there aren’t many African American literature books there,” Sidney, 11, told St. Louis on the Air. “I already love to read, and since we don’t get that much time to read in school, we just discuss in groups. I wanted to read a book, but I also wanted to discuss it with other people.”

Mom Winnie Caldwell first introduced the world to her son when they visited the EyeSeeMe book store in University City, Mo. The bookstore focuses on African-American children’s literature and as her son sat quietly reading mom shot a video of him that got shared over 1000 times.

“He hadn’t seen [a bookstore] like that before and I certainly never had, so he was making himself comfortable on the floor, reading a book,” Caldwell said. “When you get to a point when he is 11 years old and it was so shocking for him to relate to someone on the cover in a positive aspect rather than it be some negative urban story we see a lot. I would like to make sure he sees himself in being whatever he can be.”


It was after that visit that Sidney and his mom came up with the idea of the book club:

“We specifically reach out to boys around ages 8 to 10 because that is statistically the age they stop reading—we wanted to combat that,” Caldwell told the radio station.

“My motivation is I already love to read, but it would be awesome, even better, to read with other people,” Sidney added. “I want to keep doing it because I don’t know what will make me stop reading because I love to read.”

Books N Bros meets monthly and so far they have around 10 members who collectively vote on what book to cover each month.


“We focus a lot on stories with an entrepreneurial backing,” Caldwell said. “Sidney has an entrepreneurial spirit already. The first book we read in the book was called ‘Danny Dollar,’ about financial literacy about a boy who started a lemonade stand. He was able to learn not only money management skills but also entrepreneurial skills.”

During that meetup, Sidney started a lemonade stand himself, selling chips and lemonade. As it turned out, the author who wrote “Danny Dollar” saw Keys reading his book in the viral Facebook video and he joined the book club via Skype.

Keys and Caldwell have also struck a deal with the Microsoft Store at the Galleria, where the book club meets. The boys discuss their books for an hour before each gets 30 minutes to play video games on a personal console at the store. A group called Serving with the Badge also donated 200 books to the book club so boys can take books home with them for their personal collection.

Some of the book club favorites so far have been “Danny Dollar,” “Hidden Figures” and “Supah Dupah Kid.” In February, for Black History Month, the group read “A Song for Harlem: Scraps of Time,” by Patricia McKissack, a St. Louis-based children’s book author.

Good job Sidney!

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