Cress Williams Will Play Jefferson Pierce In The New Black Lightening Series


Recently the news broke about Black Lighting; DC Comics first black superhero is getting his own show. The Fox Network passed on the opportunity and now the new series will make its debut on The CW.

The character will be played by Cress Williams who has a distinguished acting career with many notable roles such as hitman Wyatt in Prison Break and detective Ed Williams in Close to Home. Cress most recently played Mayor Lavon Hayes on The CW series Hart of Dixie.

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Williams will play Jefferson Pierce who is the alter ego to Black Lightning.

So, who is Black Lightning anyway?

BL was created by writer Tony Isabella with artist Trevor Von Eeden and made his debut in April 1977. His creation was rather interesting because initially he was known as the “Black Bomber” who was a white racist but when he got really angry he shouted “Black Power” and turned into the black superhero the Black Bomber. I promise we are not making this up.

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Fortunately, DC decided to scrap that storyline as it was offensive to both blacks and whites and the character was rebranded as Black Lightning by Tony Isabella.

Black Lightning uses electrical powers to take down the bad guys; he has the power to generate, absorb and manipulate electricity. He has limited capabilities to fly but his other strengths include martial arts, force field generation and Olympic level athleticism.

Black Lightning is also known for saving Superman’s life by restarting his heart after he was hit with a lethal amount of Kryptonite. How many superheroes can make that claim?

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At this time we don’t know whether the show will be based out of Metropolis or another city where he is not connected to Superman or any of the other shows.

Black Lightning is a welcome change to the superhero landscape and we are pretty excited to see how this all unfolds. If you are a fan of DC Comics then you are probably just as excited as well!

Watch the Hybrid Network review below:

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