Scarface Drops “Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files”


Scarface recently dropped his new album on Dec. 15th Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files which is an extension of his 2015 LP Deeply Rooted. This project has six new songs and four alternate versions of the original Deeply Rooted tracks.

Anyone that has been around for some time already knows how Scarface gets down on the M.I.C. and the Deeply Rooted: Lost Files album is no different. I said it before and I’ll say it again rappers just sound so much better when they make the music that they would actually listen to.

Pause: Check out Raekwon’s The Wild right here.

In other words, it’s like a chef’s food tastes better when they make a meal that they would actually eat. Rather than just serving it up to others and never tasting it themselves making sure that it is made just right.

Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files comes with the super dope revolutionary song entitled “Black Still” which is a re-creation (if you will) or at least inspired by Public Enemy’s 1988 classic song “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” from the album “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”. Quick shout to The Velt (Strong Island)!

On this track, Face brings attention to police violence against black people, white privilege, racism and other social injustices and the plunder of black America brought by the hands of the dominant society.

The beat is dope, the rhymes are fire and the video directed by Dr. Teeth who is widely recognized for his part in visually bringing Houston’s music culture to the mainstream, precisely captures the energy and vibe of the song.

Other notable tracks are “Same Ol Same” and “That’s Where I’m At” to name a few.

Check it out “Black Still” and “Same Ol Same” below:

Scarface is currently on tour, be sure to check him out when he hits your city.

Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files Tracklist:

1. Black Still
2. Concrete Couch (Hot Seat Alternate Version)
3. Live That Life
4. Mental Exorcism (Alternate Version)
5. Same Ol Same
6. That’s Where I’m At
7. The Rebound
8. One Day Closer
9. Gone (Keep It Movin Alternate Version)
10. Dollar Bill (Anything Alternate Version)


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