After His Recent White House Visit Patriots Player Jacoby Brissett Penned An Open Letter To President Obama


Recently Superbowl winners, The Patriots had a chance to visit the White House as part of football tradition and third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett penned an emotional letter to Former President Obama after his visit.

He posted a picture to Instagram of himself in front of a picture of Barack Obama inside the White House and in his letter he reflected on how impactful President Obama was during his Presidency.

Read the letter below:

Dear Big O,

I am writing you this letter to say thank you. I want to thank you for what you have done for this country – outside of politics. Honestly, I don’t know enough about politics to judge what was good or bad, but I want you to know that when you said “Yes We Can” – a young man dreaming a dream from rough circumstances in Florida heard you.

When you were elected President for the first time I was 16 and I watched you make the never-imaginable, attainable and I heard your cry to inspire hope.

I used those words as motivation and saw your achievement as an opportunity and permission to work make my dreams come true too. You were the President of the United States – the highest office in the world. You broke a barrier and a stereotype proving not every minority has to use a ball to make a way. You’ve inspired a lifetime of dreamers young and old.

Now, kids from my community – and my future children – will know that there is no dream too big – even they could be the President of the United States. As I prepare for the honor of visiting the White House, I will be there as a Super Bowl Champion – and I will think of you, mainly because the White House is a different, and better place because you lived there.

I was a kid that came from nothing and I am living out one of the greatest dreams of my life. I am just grateful for the opportunity to walk on the same steps as you did, and to have a platform to inspire and I hope to leave my mark on history the way you did.

One day, when I meet you, I will shake your hand and say thank you to your face but until then this kid is going to continue to dream until I can’t anymore. Thank you for blazing a trail, but for more than that, for leaving a paved road behind you for others to climb on.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your DREAMS – Oprah

Yes we can!! DREAM BIG!! Thank you,

Jacoby Brissett

P.S Holla at me to help you with your broke jump shot

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Great letter!


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