Raekwon’s New Album “The Wild” Shows You Can Still Be Authentic And Run The Game

Raekwon The Wild

Honestly, I took a little break from buying rap albums until De La Soul dropped the Anonymous Nobody, Tribes ‘We Got It From Here’ and most recently Raekwon’s ‘The Wild’.

What I like about each one of these albums and Raekwon’s in particular, is that Raekwon is on the same page as his fan base.

Meaning, the Chef’s growth, experience and progression on the mic and selecting dope beats as an artist matches where I am in terms of what I like to hear in authentic Hip Hop if that makes sense.

All too often, in my opinion, I hear seasoned rappers making watered down records that sound like they are trying to please everyone or the market but many times it’ll fall short and the listener is sitting there shaking their heads at the missed opportunity of connecting with their all time fans.

Raekwon’s ‘The Wild’ does not fall into this category; the album is lit from the start with ‘This It What It Comes Too’ and not to mention the remix with Ghostface.

For me, it is refreshing to hear albums like this because it lets me know that Hip Hop isn’t just a machine that cranks out artist that have no connection to what that original Wallabee wearing, gold chain music sounds like.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the evolution of Hip Hop, I will still purchase a single here and there but I have to admit, I still love to hear a dope album, and Raekwon delivers on this with songs like “Marvin” featuring Cee-Lo Green and “Can’t You See,” “Visiting Hour,” and “The Reign” I was even feeling “My Corner” featuring Lil Wayne.

I hope some of these other emcees that have albums coming out later this year take heed to “The Wild” and not be afraid to just go in the studio and create an album that they themselves would be proud of.

Don’t worry about pleasing the world, you have millions of fans and it is impossible to make everyone happy.

Just make the album that you want to make even if it doesn’t sound like what’s in heavy rotation on the radio. Different is good and Hip Hop needs you too!

Track listing:
1. “The Wild Intro”
2. “This Is What It Comes Too”
3. “Nothing”
4. “Skit (Bang Head Right)”
5. “Marvin” (featuring CeeLo Green)
6. “Can’t You See”
7. “My Corner” (featuring Lil Wayne)
8. “Skit (Fuck You Up Card)”
9. “M&N” (featuring P.U.R.E)
10. “Visiting Hour” (featuring Andra Day)
11. “Skit (Bang Fall Down)”
12. “The Reign”
13. “Crown of Thorns”
14. “Purple Brick Road” (featuring G-Eazy)
15. “You Hear Me”
16. “Bang Outro”

Raekwon – This Is What It Comes Too (Official Video):

What album have you purchased lately?


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