Would You Pay $1,000 For A Casio G-Shock?


Back in the day everyone was rocking a Casio digital watch and when they came out with the G-Shock line it was game over. When you strapped on a rugged G-Shock on your wrist you felt prepared for whatever adventure was coming your way.

Fast forward to 2017 and the ever popular G-Shock brand is still making some of the coolest watches around.
The new Gravitymaster line is one of Casio’s all-purpose flight and pilot watches.

The “Vintage Rose Gold Theme” from the Master of G collection has a handsome new look for urban and outdoor soldiers who want to keep it fly but not too formal.

The GPW1000RG-1A retails for about a $1,000 USD in February 2017 at selected jewelers, selected Macy’s, and the G-SHOCK Soho Store.

So the question remains, would you buy a G-Shock for $1,000? Personally, I love the engineering that goes into the G-Shock brand so I would definitely purchase one.

If you like this one and you have a little extra pop in your budget then let me recommend Casio’s latest limited edition G-Shock MR-G G1000 Gold Hammer Tone watch that weighs in with a $6,200 price tag.

Here are some of the specs below:

•Case / bezel material: Resin / Stainless steel
•Carbon fiber insert Resin Band
•TRIPLE G RESIST (Shock resistant, Centrifugal force resistant, Vibration resistant)
•Sapphire Glass with non-reflective coating
•The auto hand home position correction
•Airplane mode
•GPS signal reception: Auto receive (time information, once/day); Manual receive (position information, time information)
•40 time zones (27 cities + coordinated universal time), city code display, daylight saving on/off


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