Ludacris Used CGI Abs In His New Vitamin D Video And Twitter Doesn’t Get It


Ludacris released his first video as an independent artist for his new song “Vitamin D” this week. The video features Ty Dolla $ign and “Thong Song” DNA. Check it out:

The interesting thing about the video is that Ludacris uses CGI technology for his abs in the first couple of scenes. Here’s the thing, CGI technology is nothing new for Ludacris but for the people on Twitter who have never watched an old Luda video they gave him an L for this one:


Luda weighed in on the conversation by making it clear that the image was supposed to look like that:

How could we forget the Get Back video:

At the end of the day Ludacris was ok with all of the comments and thanked everyone for their support:


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