JayZ, Will Smith, Meek Mill, Chris Rock, Kendrick And More Get Real About, Life, Love And Manhood On 4:44 Footnotes


As we get deeper into the 4:44 album JayZ has released a series of footnotes that was directed by Neal Brennan who brought together a number of male celebrities who spoke about their feelings on camera.

In an interview with Fader Neal spoke about how he got Will Smith, Chris Rock, Kendrick Lamar, and more to talk about their feelings in such a candid way.

Via Fader:

From watching the clip about “4:44,” it was very striking to see people whose stories are so public talking about their private lives. I felt like that was incredibly rare to be able to see that.

Yeah the relationship stuff… The thing with Jay [is] the album is super forthcoming. I think Jay went to therapy and it seems like he realized we’re all hiding something and none of our secrets are any worse than anybody else’s secrets.

Listen below:


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