He Says He Is #HalfManHalfMachine Germaine Walker The Barber To Watch


We have been following Germain Walker for awhile now on social media and the Leesburg Florida Barber is amazing at what he does

He is one of the best barbers in his area and he often shares his work on Instagram saying that he strives to be better every day. Check out the view:

Baby manbun:

High Taper:

More videos:

Dope right? If we could share his entire Instagram we would but you can check him out for yourself here.

Other details of his business:

Cuttn up Barbershop, Sponsored by Black Solutions 352-636-0624 Leesburg Florida www.geekutz.com

Listen to some solid advice from Germain himself about the barber 80/20 rule:

As he says he is a small town guy and he is not a celebrity barber, but he loves what he does.


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