Barber Feature – Who Is Rance John?


Press play!

I think I have spent close to an hour on Rance Johns Instagram just looking at the cuts and enjoying the sounds and the vibe he conveys.

car guy

A dope haircut is one thing but a successful barber who is trying to gain potential clients is one who is able to give you an experience even before you get in the chair. Rance is 100% himself and the Rance John experience as he calls it is something we at Mr.CottonTop encourage you to be a part of if you are in the St. Louis area. He is authentic, a philanthropist and talented! Check out some of his work:



A street cut aint nothing but a thing for him:


Rance John shared the story of one of his clients who was born with a Nevi Mole:

This #Dope young brother is at it again,You all remember his story. He was born with what’s called a Nevi (mole). It was so large that they had to perform multiple surgeries to treat the young man. I did my best to camouflage the the scars that were left as a result of the surgeries. I think it turned out great!

We think it turned out great too!

For the ladies who need a great fro maintenance, check out this cut:

This young millennial got the color hookup!

Another out of the box style – The Urban Pompadour:

We wish we could post Rance John’s whole Instagram but we cant, you can find this St. Louis Barber on Instagram here where he lists all his details.


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