4 Vacations Black Men Would Never Take – Allegedly!

black men in the woods

Every man needs a vacation, right? Well, we found some options on what has been described as “manly” vacations that every guy should take. The problem is when we read through the list the only thing we could think was ain’t no way I or any of my friends or family would take that vacation.

Now we would be wrong so we decided to have you tell us! If you consider yourself an adventurist here are 4 vacations every red-blooded man should take that we think no black man would ever take!

Run with Bulls – Pamplona, Spain

Do you consider yourself a real-life daredevil, willing to risk your life just to have fun? Then make Pamplona your next destination. From 7th to 14th July, bulls are led through the streets into the bull ring.

After two rockets launch, the bulls charge behind runners for 825 meters. This run usually lasts from three to four minutes, but it can take over 10 minutes if a bull gets isolated.

You can be among the runners if you fancy your chances. If you don’t want the chance to get gored as thousands spectate, you can watch from isolated spots where the bulls won’t reach you. Probably.

Our thoughts:

What black man do you know would, on purpose, take a vacation to run away from bulls? If you can appreciate the culture of the run, then maybe it might be your thing but from our perspective, the practice is a bit inhumane so issa no for us!

Go on the Malt Whisky Trail – Speyside, Scotland

Active Volcano – Guatemala

This might be your only chance to go on a whiskey pilgrimage. Set in the beautiful Speyside, the Malt Whisky Trail takes you through some of the world’s finest distilleries, like Glenlivet and Glenfiddich.

And it’s not just whiskey; there are tons of things to do, from enjoying traditional music acts to discovering the richness of the countryside.

Out thoughts

Ok, we have have to admit that maybe the Malt Whisky Trail isn’t so bad judging from the description so this one we might be able to swing!

Camp on an Active Volcano – Guatemala

active volcano

It doesn’t get more extreme than this. Picture hiking up the active Volcán Pacaya in Guatemala, where you can roast your marshmallows over hot spots.

If that’s not extreme enough for you, how about this: climb up the 13,000-ft Volcan Acatenango and look down on Volcan Fuego, another active volcano.

Our thoughts
hell to the naw, to the naw naw naw!

Survive in the Wilderness Alone

black men in the woods

Do you think you can handle the wilderness better than Aron Ralston, the guy who inspired the film ‘127 Hours’ if you just put your mind to it? You’re welcome to try!

Boulder Outdoor Survival School teaches you how to survive in the wilderness, from lighting fires without a match to finding drinkable water. After the seventh day, the instructors leave you to survive alone and conquer the wild.

Our thoughts

We cannot say for certain that black men would not take this challenge, especially since we are venturing out a little bit more. We might do it if we are we getting paid at the end, If somebody can sneak some food and drinks on the trip.

What do you think, would you take one of these vacations or are you more of a beach and relaxation type of guy?


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