3 Bald Head Care Tips Every Black Man Who Shaves Should Know

bald head black man

If you are bald it is either deliberate because you like the look–or you might think it is necessary if you are balding in certain areas. Whichever it is, you still need to care for your bald head. Below are our three top bald head care tips to keep your scalp healthy.

1. Use Sunscreen

When you have hair, it protects your scalp and keeps it warm. But when you’re bald, you lose that insulation and protection. So you should use sunscreen to protect your scalp on a hot, sunny day. And on cold days, you should wear something to cover your head.

This will keep your head warm (instead of chilling or broiling) and will lower your chances of getting skin cancer. You should also apply sunscreen on cloudy days; you can still get a baked scalp.

2. Keep Hydrated

Your scalp is likely to become rough and dry, especially in the dry months of winter. You should keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.

It also helps to hydrate your scalp with a natural oil or lotion like argan oil. You should also moisturize with a gel or lotion after shaving to keep your head smooth and bump-free.

3. Keep Shampooing

After you shave, there are still some tiny hairs on your head. With time, dirt and oils can build up on your scalp thanks to these hairs. This means you should still use shampoo on your head. You obviously don’t need as much shampoo as someone with longer hair, but it’s still necessary.

A small amount should be enough, and be sure to also use a moisturizer to free your head from flakes. Avoid body wash and soap as much as you can; though they might seem to help, they will actually dry your scalp and invite a host of new difficulties. So you should use products meant for bald men. They will ensure your scalp remains moisturized and clean.


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